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What’s Happening? Apple Music Exec Leaves Music Business

Ian Rogers of Apple Music Leaves Music Industry

Ian Rogers of Apple Music Leaves Music IndustryDamn – apparently some big brains in the new business business are just bouncing! Ian Rogers – a key executive at Apple Music (Apple’s new streaming music service) and one of the founders of companies like TopSpin (a direct-to-fan sales platform for music), Yahoo Music and Beats Music – is leaving the music industry.

HypeBot is calling it a music tech “brain drain.”

Rogers is leaving the new streaming service for a non=music realted job in Europe. This is a big loss to the music business – and no one’s really sure why it’s happening.

The news was first confirmed on the Financial Times blog.

There’s a lot of despair in the music business these days. With no clear winning business model despite all the hype about streaming, the industry as a whole is still trying to find itself in the new technological world we live in.

Television and film seem to have coped much better. Going to the movies is an experience people still love – and even though piracy and streaming still exist great movies still make tons of money. Just look at Straight Outta Compton – a smash success at the box office.

Services like Hulu and Netflix are taking the TV industry in new directions and people are very obviously willing to pay for the streaming services.

Music Business Brain DrainWhy hasn’t this happened in the music business? Is it because the old players are still holding onto the fantasy of “selling recorded music” from the golden age of this business?

Copyright laws, enforcement and restrictions are a mess. The record labels and major artists aren’t letting the business move into the future.

And maybe this so-called “brain drain” is just a sign that people feel hopeless about this industry.

Or maybe, people like Rogers just felt like they needed a change of pace or a different environment – something new.

Who knows.


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