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Wiz Khalifa New Mobile Game “Weed Farm” Released on 4/20

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Happy 420 DN Family!

Today is a day to roll it up, light it up and smoke it up. And in celebration of April 20th, Wiz Khalifa has released a brand new mobile game called “Weed Farm.” The game is free to play, and as the name suggests, entails managing a weed farm.

OkayPlayer reports:

Created in partnership with Taylor Gang Entertainment, Warner Music Artist Services and Metamoki, a boutique game studio — the premise for Weed Farm is right up the alley for those who burn the hashish and love the indica. “Grow, harvest, reinvest,” are the goals for the player who hops on Weed Farm.

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What’s even crazier about the game is that it allows players to expand their operation around the globe if weed becomes legalized within the gameplay itself.

Check out a clip of the video game below:

And in celebration of 420, here’s the classic Lyrical Militant joint “FOUR TWENTY.” Happy herb day!




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