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Wiz Khalifa Sued for Copyright Infringement by Georgia Rapper

Wiz Khalifa Sued Over

Rapper Wiz Khalifa is being sued by a Georgia rapper – Cymple Man – for copyright infringement. Cymple Man alleges that Khalifa ripped off a 2010 song of his for the single “Most of Us,” citing similar phrasing between the two.

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According to Cymple Man, real name Dustin Bennett, Wiz had access to the song when the two allegedly met in 2012 in Salt Lake City. Bennett gave the “Most of Us” rapper two demo tapes of his first album. According to Bennett the two met at an airport in Utah coincidentally and never had contact after that again.

Billboard.com reports:

While the songs are significantly different in their production, they do bear similarity in their lyrics. Both Khalifa and Bennett follow a similar phrasing structure throughout, starting each stanza with the phrase “most of us” as a means to describe how they perceive their own lives and those of others (while Bennett’s is focused on scrutinizing the American status quo, Khalifa mostly reps his Taylor Gang crew and his rise to the top while staying hard). And though “most of us” is a common phrase, the Bennett’s argument focuses in on the resemblance of how it is used both songs.

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According to the suit “Khalifa’s use of the words ‘most of us’ in that manner is not a common usage or ubiquitous in the structure of other musical compositions, but rather, it is distinctively original to Bennett’s Work.”

Cymple Man says that Khalifa and his label have ignored his requests for credit and compensation.


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