Home Current Events A Woman Cuts A Man’s Face At Jay Z’s 40/40 Club

A Woman Cuts A Man’s Face At Jay Z’s 40/40 Club

Jay Z's 40/40 club

A lot of things can happen in a club.

Some things good, other bad, and others – well, damn near evil or crazy or whatever you want to call them.

The last kind happened at Jay Z’s 40/40 club when a 27-year-old Lia Blount slashed a man in his face.

Blount had an altercation with 21-year-old Alejandro Corona after he accidentally (note: accidentally) bumped into her at the club. She then broke a bottle against a brass railing and proceeded to cut the man in his face. The man had to get 10 stitches.

Definitely not a way to solve an issue with someone.

Blount was charged with assault. Back in 2011, the woman had a record from a incident that resulted in a slew of charges for her including assault, possession of a weapon, which was a kitchen knife, and also harassment. Read more…

(Image Source: Beyond the Ken, CC 2.0)


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