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Yes, “Stan” Is In The Dictionary – But It’s Not a New Addition

Stan Has Been In The Dictionary For a While

News of the word “stan” being included in the Oxford English dictionary has been making rounds online, but it’s actually not new. The word “stan” has been included in the dictionary for some time now – that’s been confirmed by the group behind the dictionary. The internet just started to take notice.

If you aren’t familiar with the smash year 2000 song by Eminem, “Stan” details an absolutely die-hard and crazy Eminem fan and the outcome such lust can have when taken to an extreme. Ever since the powerful story was told, “stan” has been used to describe fan-boys and fan-girls everywhere.

And apparently Oxford was too. According to Hip-Hop DX

Oxford defines the word as “An overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity.”

An Oxford blog post by former intern Lili Feinberg made the case for the word’s addition back in 2015 when she “observed its absence from the dictionary.”

As Oxford goes on to explain, “Eminem’s creation of the term depicts an extremely obsessive stan that struggles with separating his love for Eminem from reality, but the term has taken on a more lighthearted, ‘super-fan’ connotation today.”

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Eminem is currently celebrating the 15th anniversary of his 2002 album The Eminem Show which has achieved Diamond status.



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