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Your Boy Bangz is Back! And He’s Taking Shots at Kim K and Yeezy!


Ok, so if you’ve never heard of the rapper Bangz then you have no idea what you been missing.

Bangz rose to prominence virally around the world with his insanely popular track “Take U to Da Movies.”

Here’s the track:

Yup. Love the supercar backdrop homie. Bangz became so popular from that track that he ended up performing it in front of thousands of people and even starring in his own Honda commercial – no lie.

Featured on Jimmy Fallon

Recently Jimmy Fallon featured the song on his show last month, and Bangz got a spike in views and actually recorded a Fallon diss record.

Check out this segment on ABC News Australia which features an interview with Bangz and shows the Jimmy Fallon clip.


And you read right, Bangz wasn’t havin that so he recorded a diss record directed at Fallon. No idea if Jimmy’s heard the diss record or not but… Here’s Bangz’s diss to Jimmy Fallon.

More Beef for Bangz – Kim K & Kanye West

Photo Courtesy of Huffpo.com

And Bangz is back at it again! And he’s taking shots at one of the world’s most famous power couples – Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

We love both Kanye and Kim at DeviantNoise.com (each for very different reasons…) but Bangz ain’t having none of it!

His latest track is called “There You Go” and goes a little something like…

There you.. There you go. Kim Kardashian Ho
There you.. There you go. Kim Kardashian Ho
There you.. There you go. Kim Kardashian Ho
Kim Kardashian Ho, Kim Kardashian Hooooo…

And for the next 3 minutes he tells Kim to put her clothes back on and get off instagram.

We can’t make this shit up…

Here’s the Sydney Morning Herald’s take on it:

Notorious Melbourne rapper Bangs has done it again, releasing a song so surprising a wild animal set loose during a fire in the studio recording may have produced a more harmonious track.

This time Bangs has managed to insult not one but two major American celebrities, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – as well as upsetting all other people with ears.

How? By tunelessly dishing out lines like “what the f— is wrong with you Kanye / I’m sick of seein your ho taking naked photos/ you should to have to put her clothes back on / her 15 minutes of fame is over long time ago.” Cough. That last bit seems a bit rich coming from Bangs, whose YouTube views and Facebook likes jumped alarmingly after Jimmy Fallon mocked his song Take U to Da Movies last month. Bangs hit back with a rather polite shot at Fallon.

Yup, the beef is large with Your Boy Bangz – Kim, Yeezy, Fallon… Who else want some of Bangz?


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