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YouTube CEO Says YouTube Red is “a Music Service”

YouTube CEO Code Media Summit

The CEO of video streaming leader YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, said that YouTube Red – the company’s premium, paid-for service – is really “a music service.” Speaking at the Code Media Summit, Wojcicki added that they “have an amazing collection of music, we have all these music videos.”

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The claim that YouTube Red is a music service is interesting, considering Spotify is about to go public and Apple Music is growing at a faster pace than it’s main rival. It’s also rumored that YouTube is planning on launching a Spotify competitor currently codenamed Remix.

According to Music Business WorldWide:

‘Remix’ looks likely to supersede Google Play Music, and has reportedly been made possible by YouTube’s recent deal renewals with the likes of Universal, Sony and Warner.

As for YouTube Red, the platform is currently only available in five territories: the US, Australia, Mexico, South Korea and New Zealand.

But according to Wojcicki, YouTube’s recent high-profile music licensing deals is about to change all that.

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The CEO said that, though Red is currently only available in 5 countries, with the music deals in place that number could possibly rise up to 100 different markets this year.

You can watch the full interview below:



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