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YouTube Launches Official Artist Channels

YouTube Launches Official Artist Channels

Video streaming leader YouTube has just introduced “official” music artist channels in an attempt to push back at the record-label owned VEVO channels. VEVO, which stands for Video Evolution, is where official music videos and audio from major artists are distributed through YouTube.

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Starting this week, any unofficial channels of artists will be consolidated into one YouTube destination. Similar to Twitter and Instagram, official channels will be specially denoted to let fans know it’s the real deal. A small musical note icon on all official channels will be displayed by the channel name.

Any subscribers of previous artist channels will automatically be subscribed to the new official channels. With VEVO already a huge distribution channel, why would YouTube make this move?

According to Music3point0:

YouTube is doing this for a couple of reasons. First of all to push official artist content forward to subscribers instead of user-generated content, and to take some of the control away from Vevo. As a result, it will be more difficult to find artist Vevo channels in the future.

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It’s uncertain how major labels will react to this move, but with new licensing deals and a new streaming service coming soon, maybe Google thought it was an opportune time to do this.


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