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YouTube’s Future and the Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos


youtube-killing-music-starsSo everyone always talks about the internet being synonymous with porn and cat videos. But that’s not exactly true according to the latest round-up of the most viewed Music YouTube videos of all time.

HypeBot pulled together the most viewed music videos ever and the numbers are staggaring. And that’s no surprise since YouTube is the music streaming medium of choice for most people (especially teens).

Here’s the list:

  1. Psy: Gangnam Style – 2,406,688,654 Views
  2. Justin Bieber: Baby – 1,207,377,406 Views
  3. Taylor Swift: Blank Space – 1,129,447,206 Views
  4. Katy Perry: Dark Horse – 1,086,631,431 Views
  5. Katy Perry: Roar: 1,049,137,307 Views
  6. Enrique Iglesias: Bailando – 1,027,716,512 Views
  7. Taylor Swift: Shake it Off – 1,022,010,471 Views
  8. Meghan Trainor: All About That Bass – 1,004,721,343 Views

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Billboard who? Yup, it seems the music landscape has officially changed. But that may not be true for very long either.

YouTube has been an incredible force in the music business and music world in general. It’s shifted our culture and the way we consume, find and promote music. But there’s another change coming – and it’s coming fast.

The youth are gravitating towards YouTube stars and personalities for their entertainment. And while the old heads in the music biz are scurrying to try and find out how to regain lost revenue due to YouTube, music fans are turning to YouTube fans.


Well one author thinks it’s because kids can’t find any music that their parents aren’t also singing along to. And let’s face it – that shit is kinda lame.

At the Future Music Forum, Frukt’s Jack Horner observed that most music genres, and indeed media as a whole, are becoming age agnostic, which means that it is really hard for Generation Edge to find music that they can own, that their mum and dad aren’t going to sing along to too. This is the price to be paid for media and brands having successfully convinced aging 30 and 40 somethings that they are still young at heart and in the pocket.  So with no music subculture to cling to Generation Edge has instead gravitated to YouTube stars.

A comparison of the number of YouTube subscribers and music artists with the same number gives us an indication of the scale of the popularity of these native YouTube creators for Generation Edge:

  • 9 million –  Zoella, Bethany Mota, Bruno Mars, David Guetta
  • 11 million – Sky Does Minecraft, Skrillex
  • 13 million – The Fine Bros, Justin Bieber
  • 16 million – Jenna Marbles, Katy Perry
  • 17 million – No YouTuber equivalent – Rihanna, Katy Perry, OneDirection
  • 24 million – HolaSoyGerman  – No music equivalent
  • 39 million – PewDiePie – No music equivalent

Equally significant – there isn’t a single music artist in the top 10 most subscribed artist channels.

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Damn.. The perils of the music industry just keep on bubbling. Is music doomed? Hardly. Music is a NECESSITY to life.

It will always be around. But it will be consumed and marketed very differently in the future.


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