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Zoom Launches H1n Portable Audio Recorder

Zoom Releases H1N Portable Recorder

Zoom North America just announced their new H1n Handy Recorder has just become available. The compact and versatile portable audio recorder is for creators looking to capture high quality audio on the go.

The new model is an upgrade from the original H1 recorder from Zoom. IT has a rugged and sleek design with an improved screen and controls. The recorder features a built in X/Y microphone allowing you to record in stereo.

According to Rekkerd:

A host of new, advanced functions like Playback Speed Control and A-B Repeat provide greater flexibility during playback. The easy-to-use Overdubbing feature allows the user to layer audio easily. Auto-Record and Pre-Record settings make sure the desired audio is always captured at pristine 24-bit/96 kHz. The Voice Emphasize filter is designed specifically for dictation, making the H1n incredibly useful for interviews, lectures or podcasting.

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This is a great product for filmmakers, sound designers, producers and music artists in general. The device takes two AAA batteries and offers 10 hours of record time.

It’s currently available for $119.99 USD.


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